Abby Connect Among Las Vegas Companies Offering Vaccine Incentives, Featured on Local News KSNV
Abby Connect Among Las Vegas Companies Offering Vaccine Incentives, Featured on Local News KSNV

Abby Connect Among Las Vegas Companies Offering Vaccine Incentives, Featured on Local News

LAS VEGAS, NV — MAY 27, 2021

Leading virtual receptionist and answering service provider, Abby Connect (, has many employees itching to get back to their normal way of doing things – holding exciting and inclusive in-person meetings, providing delicious group lunches and meals, and celebrations, picnics, and overall office fun.

Co-Director of the Abby Way department, Marlene Cosain, explained that “Our goal is to create a safe environment for all of our employees and to get back to as close to normal as possible.

Connection is really what drives our company culture, so we want to do what we can to all be together again.

We want to do company team builders again, paint parties, archery competitions, meetings in person, meals, and more.”

Abby Connect’s team hopes to inspire other companies to help people who want to be vaccinated get vaccinated. Cosain followed up “Abby Connect is a no judgment zone – we don’t want anyone to feel bad or judged if they decide to not get vaccinated. It’s not a requirement, just simply a fun way to inspire those who want to get their vaccine to do it.”

In 2020, Abby Connect rode the tides of a city shutdown, some remote working, and many months of socially distanced working, all while growing the company in clients and staff, and answering over 1 million calls for small businesses who were also trying to get through a challenging year. Celebrations, delicious group meals, events, and gatherings were held off for over a year.

Abby Connect’s leaders wanted to make sure that employees don’t have to use their own accrued PTO (paid time off) or not be paid for the hours they spend getting to and waiting in line for their vaccine during their normal work hours, so they will be given up to 4 hours additional PTO for each shot. Cosain said “We know that it’s possible that employees are reluctant to get vaccinated because they don’t want to miss work, get docked on their attendance, or have a smaller check once payday comes. We want to make sure they feel taken care of because their safety and health, and that of their families, too, is important to us. We’ve already seen employees take us up on our offer.“

As a second incentive, the staff is raffling off a new 55” 4K TV. Each shot gets the employee one ticket. The raffle is going on until the end of June to give everyone a chance to get both doses. At the end of June, someone will be walking away with a fun prize!

Lauren Clark from KSNV the Las Vegas local Channel 3 News Station stopped by to learn about Abby Connect’s vaccine incentives.

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Abby Connect Among Las Vegas Companies Offering Vaccine Incentives

Despite the challenging year, Abby Connect remained a top US virtual receptionist service for small business owners, was recognized on the Inc.5000 as a Fastest-Growing Private Company, and continues to assist more and more businesses as they adjust to the new normal.

Written by

Christal Harrison

Christal Harrison

Christal joined Abby Connect in 2020 at the height of the pandemic as a receptionist. After experiencing such a different culture and care for employees than previous places of employment, Christal very quickly grew a passion for wanting to share with everyone how "The Abby Way" can revolutionize their business's customer experience. She began learning how to uphold its brand and manage its reputation, and became Abby Connect's Brand & Reputation Specialist. Christal's personal mission is to continue to create and nurture the connections that Abby Connect has made with its new and existing clients as well as Abby Connect's employees. Outside of work, Christal enjoys spending her free time with her son and working on a variety of art projects.