Call Answering Service Rejected From The Apple App Store
Call Answering Service Rejected From The Apple App Store

Why Your App Is Getting Rejected From The Apple App Store

Before you head down the road of having to make adjustments to that new app you are about to launch, make sure you understand the reasons why many apps are rejected from the Apple App Store. Last June, Apple said that they have 1.2 million apps in their store. Even then, Apple is still very particular on which apps make it and which ones don’t. Yes, your system can work close to flawlessly and is top-notch, but there are certain criteria you have to meet to make it through the very strict gates of the Apple App Store. Some of these reasons may surprise you, but to break the rules you have to know them right?

The word “beta”

The first major indication of your app possibly not making it would be the use of this particular word which can be a sign that your app is unfinished. Venture Beat weighs in, “Google has made it a standard industry practice to launch services into indefinite “beta,” but Apple can be quite strict about any indication that an app is unfinished or not yet ready for prime time. We have seen apps get rejected for being labeled “Beta,” “Preview,” and even “Version 0.9.”

Not having enough information

According to, 14% of the reasons why an app is rejected have to do with missing information. Small things can make a big difference. For example, when missing the privacy policy when you require a user to register or signup for an existing account, Apple will not accept your app. Daniel Baek suggests to “provide a privacy policy either in your app or as a link inside that App Store listing.” He states that he recommends both for good measure. Hey, better safe than sorry, right?

Linking to outside payment schemes

Ever try to purchase something digital on an app and you had to go through an iTunes-based mechanism? There is a method to the madness! Apple requires that all digital content be sold through iTunes. If for any reason your app accepts other payment mechanisms then it is almost secure that your app will not be accepted. Venture Beat weighs in, “This is the reason the Kindle app does not allow users to purchase new books. One important subtlety is that this rule applies even to Web pages linked to from your app. The Dropbox app was famously rejected by Apple because the Web-based login screen contained a link to purchase additional space. This not only affected the Dropbox app, but all apps that used the Dropbox SDK as well!”

Major Bugs

Yes, this might be the most obvious reason why you would get rejected. states, “If your app contains any major bugs that prevent the App Store Review team from reviewing your app, it will immediately be rejected. Make sure you thoroughly test your app before submitting for approval.”

It doesn’t hurt to do a bit of research before submitting your application. Review some of the areas discussed above to

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Marlene Cosain

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