Risk vs Reward vs No Risk, All Reward

We are naturally wired to protect ourselves from anything out of our comfort zone.

We’re afraid of something going wrong, money being lost, and we automatically get caught up in the spider web of the negative. 

Fun fact: Entrepreneurship is founded on the act of taking risks and being open-minded 

What’s far too common is that we allow ourselves to be close-minded to trying something new. By doing that, we don’t allow ourselves to walk through the door of a new opportunity, even if there are low to no risks involved. 

We asses everything based on what we can lose instead of analyzing everything we can gain. 

For example purposes, let’s use our virtual receptionist services

Many companies feel that their company isn’t big enough for a receptionist service or that they do not receive a high enough volume of calls. 

We hear things like, “There’s only two of us here, we just split the task between each other.” or “We’re a small firm, our call volume is low. We can handle it”

Here’s the problem:

It’s still you putting time and effort into such a simple (but time consuming) task. 

In Robert Kiyosaki’s, Cashflow Quadrant, he talks about the four different quadrant’s to financial freedom: employee, self-employed, business owner and investor. 

The Self-Employed/Specialists

Entrepreneurs in this quadrant have a difficult time growing their business because they are the ones doing and producing all of the work. If their hands stop working, their income stops coming in. 

What converts the self-employed to move on to the business quadrant is learning to duplicate their work. People have a hard time delegating tasks and thinking how the amount of time and energy they spend doing simple tasks compounds to a great amount of time spent. 

Many entrepreneurs try to handle many different hats at once but struggle giving their full efforts and attention to one. 

  • What happens when you’re extremely busy?
  • What happens when you want to go on vacation?
  • What happens when you have a doctor’s appointment to go to?
  • What happens while you’re helping your clients and your associates are handling a couple of different things at once?

Even the little things:

  • What happens when your systems crash or when there’s a light outage? 
  • What happens when there’s a storm and your phone lines aren’t strong? 

It’s always great to have backup

Many business owner’s dwell on whether or not they want to take risks, but by the same token, they don’t think about the small things that can happen in their everyday routine. Not having backup is a risk. 

Having a virtual receptionist service outside of your office take calls, even if it’s for backup, can make the difference between a headache or peace of mind. 


Written by

Hope Holland

Hope Holland

Hope joined Abby Connect in 2016 as a receptionist. She now leads the Sales Team in their efforts to help small businesses with their communication needs. Hope has always valued the customer experience and understands how crucial it is for businesses that want to succeed. With this mission, she strives to help businesses connect with their clients and improve the experience their business offers.

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