Call Answering Services Team Wears Uniform
Call Answering Services Team Wears Uniform

Should Your Company's Team Wear Uniforms?

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Heroes like firefighters, police officers and soldiers wear uniforms, but other workers like factory workers and fast-food chains require their employees to dress alike as well. Sometimes you may question the motive behind uniforms, and it is quite simple: company uniforms come with many benefits.


What makes uniforms so amazing is that your staff is literally a walking billboard. With your logo on their shirts, they will be advertising wherever they go. Let’s just say that they are going to their local restaurant or market on their lunch or break, everyone they interact with will see your logo which builds onto your product/service recognition phase. Small Business Chron weighs in, “Employees who stop at the store after work or wear the uniform to their children’s events after work create walking advertisements for the company. Over time, the uniforms become part of the company’s branding. Local residents begin easily identifying the uniform and associating it with your company. The attire could draw in new clients or remind existing customers to buy more products or services from you.”

Avoids dress code violations

It is safe to say that we have all dealt with our share of dress code offenders, so establishing a uniform system reduces the number of those offenders. Usually what tends to happen is that employers are a bit lenient on their dress code, so employees tend to push the limits a little bit to see if they provoke a response from you. If they don’t, then it is safe to say they will continue to be borderline with their inappropriate clothing.

Address safety concerns

Aside from the direct benefits to you, enforcing uniforms has a functional benefit. Here’s Why: states, “Flame resistant (FR) workwear can help prevent injuries caused by accidental electrical arc flashes or flash fires, and high visibility uniforms can help protect workers from being struck by motorized vehicles.”

Improves your customer service

How many times have we gone into a store and could not distinguish between the sales associates and the clients. I know I have gotten mistaken for a sales associate in a store before because I “looked like one.” Stop having your clients guess at who can assist them, make it easier by having everyone on your staff wear either the same colors or the same tops.

Creates a sense of unity

This is one that I never really thought about until Small Business Chron pointed it out. In retrospect, it’s true, and it makes sense. They state, “Uniforms can make your employees feel that they are part of a team, which can foster a sense of pride in their jobs and your company. According to Victoria Seitz, a San Bernardino, California, marketing professor, uniforms can result in employees becoming “entwined” with their company, which ultimately leads to greater success for the company and increased employee loyalty.”

Enforcing uniforms is all up to you, just ,make sure to weigh the pros and the cons.

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Marlene Cosain

Marlene Cosain

Marlene started with Abby Connect 7 years ago as a receptionist and was won over by the culture and care the company has for its employees. The minute she took her first phone call, she fell in love with helping people. Since then, Marlene has been a pivotal piece of growing Abby Connect – having been a long-time leader in hiring, training, developing, and managing the receptionist floor. Outside of work, Marlene and her husband also run an online retail business. Marlene’s personal mission as a certified Life Coach and as an Abby Way Co-Director is to inspire, empower and educate others in the Abby Way.

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