How To Lose A Customer In 5 Hours (Or Less)

Twitter is your worst customer service nightmare come true.

Gone are the days where we only relied on word of mouth or the odd-chanced review by a newspaper editor to get out the word on a business.

The idea of ‘social media revolution’ is no longer a ‘thing.’ It’s no longer a concept. It’s actually no longer even here; the revolution has already happened.

Regardless of where you are in the world, what your brand represents, what services or products you offer, or even whether or not you’ve taken your business online, every single organization is subject to talk on social media channels. Customer service on social media is an essential part of any public-facing business.

The most universal platform that angry (or even extremely satisfied) customers take their experiences to is Twitter. And you better believe that – if not now, eventually – they’ll be talking about your company, too.

Here’s just one example of a long-time customer’s path to a competitor via Twitter within a day:

This man is far from alone. Even Fortune 500 company CEOs are taking note of the pre-eminance of customer service complaints that end up on social media. Richard Branson commented about Twitter on, “It’s hard work, but it’s the direction the world has gone, and we want to be on top of it.”

Social media and great customer experience now go hand-in-hand. It is essential to have a social media customer service plan of action.

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Melissa Monterrosa

Melissa Monterrosa

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