Winter 2021 feature release for virtual receptionist
Winter 2021 feature release for virtual receptionist

Winter 2021 Feature Release: Scheduled Update & Request A Call Back

At Abby Connect, our mission is to revolutionize the small business customer experience. That is why we continuously add new, innovative features to help our clients best serve their customers.
Every plan offered includes every feature, including custom answering hours, a dedicated success manager, appointment scheduling, bilingual receptionists and much more.
Today, we’d like to introduce our two latest Winter ’21 features — Scheduled Update and Request a Call Back.

Scheduled Update

The Scheduled Update feature is for clients using live receptionist services, allowing you to schedule multiple one-time or recurring live call handling rules on your account.
There are several benefits of implementing the Scheduled Update feature:

  • The ability to make future changes to an account now, increasing flexibility and control
  • The benefit of allowing call handling rules automatically change regularly
  • Since this feature automatically handles scheduling updates, receptionists can be more accurate and efficient when handling calls

The goal here is to allow receptionists to do what they do best — focus on the caller instead of on-call handling rules.
Example use cases include:

  • A tech support company has five on-call technicians. Without the Scheduled Update feature, when a call comes in, the receptionist would need to look up call handling rules to see who they should transfer the call to. For example, Bob should take calls from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m., Susan from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m., Mike from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m., etc.
    • With this new feature, all techs are hidden if a call comes in outside their time slot. So, if a customer calls at 9:25 a.m., Susan will be the only tech on the screen to transfer the call through quickly and confidently.
  • A law firm has one attorney and one paralegal. The attorney set up his Abby Live Receptionist account to ensure all calls are screened and transferred to him during his operating hours. If he doesn’t answer, the call gets transferred to the paralegal. In two months, the attorney is going on vacation. He set an alert for when he’s away. That way, all calls are immediately transferred to the paralegal.
    • Without the new feature, the attorney would need to connect with Abby Connect before he left to update these call handling rules. The new Scheduled Update feature will automatically remove the attorney’s transfer number from the receptionists’ screens while he’s away — no alert or proactive action required.

Request a Call Back

This new feature is Request a Call Back and is for clients using our live chat service.
We developed the Request a Call Back feature to convert website visitors into leads via a phone call. This automated feature is presented to the website visitor, providing a chat option that drives calls to your business.
With this feature, website visitors now have two options — “chat now” and “receive a phone call.” If a visitor wants to receive a call, the Live Chat system will ask for their number.
The system then automatically calls your business or firm. If you’re available, you will be connected with the website visitor. A follow-up email is sent to you, including the website visitor’s number, helping you secure that lead.
There are several benefits of using this feature:

  • This automated chat feature has no additional fee
  • A live receptionist subscription is not required, only a live chat subscription
  • Since this feature is automated, presented to the website visitor before they initiate a conversation, it reduces live chat usage charges

An example use case would be:

  • A past client would like an accountant to complete their taxes again this year. When they visit the accountant’s website, the chat bubble pops up, requesting a call. Once they enter their number, the automated system calls the accountant. When she picks up, she hears, “One moment while we transfer you to your website visitor.” When the visitor is called, their caller ID shows the accountant’s business number. The client books an appointment and once the call ends, an email will be sent to the accountant that includes the phone number provided.
    • The accountant’s office has the option for calls to go through to one number or multiple automatically. This option is ideal when several accountants work together under the same business name within the same office.
    • If the accountant does not answer, the website visitor will see a message saying, “I a.m. sorry, we could not reach someone on the phone at this time. I can transfer you to a live chat agent or request that someone calls you back at the phone number you provided.”

If you would like to start using these features, contact your Customer Success Manager today!

Written by

Nathan Strum

Nathan Strum